Videos to help with getting your local group onto the Comms Hub

This page contains links to video content that can be shared with your local groups to help get them on board with the new systems. Feel free to use whichever you find most helpful.

Whistle-stop Tour of Accepting Invites, Mattermost, Forums and UK Cloud:

This is useful for anyone who wants to get an overview of Mattermost, or thinks it's all rather complicated.

First Steps on Mattermost:

This video takes you through how to get started on Mattermost, while the following videos cover specific parts of using Mattermost.

Mattermost Navigation:

Mattermost Notifications:

Mattermost Search:

Mattermost Find and Join Channels:

Mattermost 'Threading' Messages:

Mattermost Save Messages:

Mattermost Account Settings: