Why it's better to use the Hub

The UK Hub is our tool for organising our communications. Some people are just using Mattermost for everything, but the Hub can make your life much easier in many ways.

Advantages of the Hub

  • It tells people all about your group – how your group fits in to XR’s Self-Organising System (SOS), who holds each role in the group, what is the mandate of the group, what channels you have on Mattermost, spaces you have on Forums and if you have a Cloud folder.

  • It makes creating channels easier; because when you create a new channel on the Hub it automatically joins everyone in your group to that channel. And it shows that channel against your group, so people can find it - being able to see what channels are available to each group means XR is more transparent and helps us communicate and connect with each other easily.

  • It makes inviting new people to your group easier as the Hub does all the ‘heavy lifting’. By creating a Hub account this automatically creates accounts for the member on all our services (Mattermost/Forums/Cloud, and gives them easy access to the Rebellion Academy and Rebel Toolkit).

  • If they already have a Mattermost account but not a Hub account, then setting up a Hub account will link this to their existing Mattermost account - and then joins them to all the right channels, forums and gives them access to the group’s Cloud folder

  • It offers more than just the immediate, short-term chat on Mattermost.

image-1612530182470.png UK Forums: each Hub-created group usually gets a forum in which members can create specific topics for more focussed in-depth discussion. In Mattermost, comments soon disappear further up screen and get jumbled up with other subjects - it can be difficult to track a longer conversation on any topic.

UK Cloud: the group’s storage folders in UK Cloud allow a secure place for creating, storing and sharing documents with everyone in the group - these could be minutes of meetings, action-planning documents, project ideas, campaign letter templates, etc.

How do you use the Hub?

There is a document The Hub for Group Admins/Tech Champions which gives you the full details. The starting point for all this is the My Groups screen on the Hub. If you are a Group Admin for your group, just click on whichever group you want to manage, and all the facilities are right there on the page:
You can see what Channels, Forums and Cloud storage have been set-up for the group. At a glance, you can see who is in each Role for the group.

If you are not a Group Admin, and you need to create new channels or forums, invite new people to your group, assign people to roles, create new roles, etc., then ask an existing Group Admin to make you group admin too. You can either contact one of your Tech Champions (click on their name next to the Tech Champion role, or click the All Members button to find everyone who has Group Admin ticked):

In the My Groups screen, you can click on any channel, forum or cloud buttons to go straight to that place on the relevant service, eg: Cymru Wales’ private Mattermost channel.

You can click on any role holder’s name to send them a Direct Message (DM) in Mattermost.

You can click on any group name – either the buttons, or in the diagram - to display that group’s details instead.

What can you change in your Group?

Within the display for your selected group, you can use the buttons at the top to manage the group and its users.

  • Edit Organisation – lets you rename your group, or any of its channels, forums etc. Also lets you publish your social media links, and link to the XR regional map showing your group.

  • Edit Channels and Edit Forums – Lets you change your channels and forums – rename them, make them private or public, unarchive channels you archived by mistake on Mattermost, and even claim channels you created on Mattermost which aren’t linked in this diagram on the Hub. You can share Forums and Channels with other groups (e.g. for joint actions).

  • Invite Users – lets you invite people properly to your group, using their email address or Mattermost handle.

  • List Invites – see the invites you have sent out, who has accepted their invite, renew expired invites, etc., (recent invites only).

  • User Signup Errors - useful information in troubleshooting why a user has experienced errors in the process of signing up to the Hub.

  • Messages – Create welcome messages for new members, and regular reminder messages (e.g. for your meetings). The Hub posts these on Mattermost for you each night.

  • Roles – Change all the details of every role, assign people to roles, create new roles, etc. If you have a representative in your group who is your contact in another group, you can create a linked role so that anyone assigned to that role in your group automatically gets joined to the other group, and vice versa.

  • Mandate - view and change the mandate for the group, and show any policies inherited from parent/grandparent groups.

  • History – Shows the history of changes made to roles, mandates and membership.

At the bottom of the main group editing box is another button -

  • New Child XR Group – Create subgroups, with their own display on the hub, channels, forums and cloud space. Often used for Working Groups within Local Groups, Local Groups within Districts or Regions, etc.

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