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How to use When2meet. For the XR-specific tools, see Shelf 1.

How to use When2meet Polls

When2meet polls are a really useful tool for helping groups to decide which times are suitable for them to be together. It is a free tool and relatively easy to use, once you know how. There is a little video here, as well as this guide. It is divided into three pieces: the first section for people filling a poll; the second for people who want to keep an eye on what the poll is telling them; and the third is useful for someone setting a poll up.

Important note: whilst When2meet can be accessed on a mobile device, it works much better on a computer. This might mean that if you receive the link via a social media chat, you are well advised to email it to yourself so you can use it on your desktop.

Filling in a When2meet

‘Reading’ a When2meet

Setting up a When2meet