Restore Nature Now (16 June)

Click here for the Open Call recording on YouTube

Restore Nature Now is calling for urgent action to restore nature and tackle climate change in the UK. It is a being supported by over 150 organisations.

Join the Restore Nature Now (RNN) chat and help build the buzz
Info and FAQs all available on the XRUK website

The open call consisted of the final information for the Restore Nature Now march on 22nd June, presented by Lizard. Covering arrival information, maps, recruitment for roles, creative things happening on the day like the origami birds as well. Luke spoke about outreach, including the 5 chat challenge and where to get flyers!

An introduction to Upgrade Democracy was given by Woody - with ‘Save the Date’ of 30th August to 1st September - get your tents and sleeping bags ready for a 3 day occupation which targets the failing system and finally brings Citizens’ Assemblies to the top of the agenda!

Restore Nature Now

WhatsApp chats for each block
Join these if you'd like to volunteer to help distribute flags to your block, hold key messaging banners or help with props

Upgrade Democracy

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