Digital Team - Contact and Guidance

Do you have a project in mind which has a digital side to it? You are in the right place. This is a page about how and why to get in touch with the Digital Team.

1. Digital Team Intro
We would like to hear about your Digital projects or concerns, and see how we can work together to make them better. Click here for the link to our mandate (it's short and sweet)
2. The Digital Circle holds quite a few spaces. Here are a few of the main ones:
3. How to get in touch
Three ways:

4. What Digital Does

Success Stories:
  • The Website - It enables a lot of groups to function within that space - one entry point, curated space, multiple responsibilities.
  • Action Network - bear with us - it is an evolving network for mass communication (think Newsletter)
  • Evolving more planning about personal information (Data Planning and GDPR) we hold with as much respect as we give each other in person

5. Good reasons why the Digital Team shoud be included.

  • A shiny new website - but without the resources to maintain it long term - how does it stay secure?
  • A new web address - but in 1 year's time will someone remember to renew the domain name?
  • Data gathering but without proper consent - will that get us a complaint when the data is used?
  • A new tool or service - does it run on renewable energy? Can people log in easily using their Hub login? Is someone else already doing something similar?
  • Content (We'll make sure your content is safe and available, and you can put new content up.)

What Digital doesn’t handle:

  • Finding the budget for new tools (But we can advise - if we think there it's a general XR need we could take it onboard and make it a wider project)
  • Digital Actions. (The Actions Circle oversees these, though we can all get involved!)