Introduction to XR Structure

Extinction Rebellion UK is organised as a set of Working Groups. Many of these cover the whole of the UK, and there are some that just cover nations and regions. There are also Local Groups.

The groups are organised using a Self-Organising System (SOS), which defines their relationships and how they are run. For more on SOS, see Self-Organising System on the UK web site and the Building Teams book.

For a list of all the groups and their mandates, look on the Hub. This also shows the relationships between the groups.

The groups are also sometimes called circles.

There is also a public list of all the groups and their mandates on the Organism Diagram. This supersedes GlassFrog which similarly shows the groups, their mandates and their relationships, but is out of date.

This book is a place where any group can create a page with a description of what they do, how to work with them and how to contact them.

If you are planning a page for your group, remember that the Rebel Toolkit is visible to the Internet, so be careful what you include, eg no personal email addresses or Zoom passwords, or links to documents containing such things.

The Rebel Toolkit is intended as a place that ordinary rebels can contribute to, which is relatively easy to update. The main Extinction Rebellion UK web site already contains a lot of more formal information about Working Groups and their work -- a good place to start is