Adding Calendar Events - Calendar Editor

Adding Calendar Events - Directly in TeamUp

If you only rarely add events to the calendar, it is probably easiest to just complete the calendar form.

If you regularly add events for your group/team/community then you will be assigned a private edit link for the calendar, which allows you to create and edit events. Simply open TeamUp using your personal edit link, click on a date when you want to add an event and a popup will open prompting you to add information This next section explains tips for each of the fields to help get your event found easily.

Example event

Event Title

This is what a user will see first, so keep it short, descriptive and ideally include an overall location. We also suggest using some of these emoticons as the first characters, so that users can visually see what type of action it is (this has been added to the Key in the Calendar itself as well):

Some teams have also decided on a specific emoticon to flag their events and allow for easier filtering eg ☄️for XR London.

Dates & Times

Events can be scheduled as all day, or include start and end times.
Repeating events can also be created, for example a meeting that is held on the third Tuesday of every month.

Sub Calendar

Select one or more of these as appropriate:

Where (full address please)

If a specific location is known (and you are happy to share it publicly) then put this in here.
So that integration with the website map will work, a full address with postcode is required. Don't add anything else like "around the back of" or a W3W location (these details should go in the description).

If you only want to specify a vague location, use a Town name.

For online local meetings, add the Town name here so that the meeting will show up on the map and nearby rebels will find it, and specify that the meeting is online in the 'Description' box.

Further address location information can always be included in the 'Description' field, see below.


Choose from the drop-down list of Regions/Nations or select UK Wide. This field is to make it easier for teams to filter events and ensure they are publicised across their area where appropriate.


Put a general team name in here, for example XR London, XR SE. You can put several names in here if collaborating with others. Don't put an individual's name.

This can be a URL, an Action Network event form, an email, a link to a Facebook event - basically some way for rebels to contact you if they are interested. Only add the primary link in here - if there is more than one way to register or contact you, add these in the description box This button will display in the event on the map.


Use this field to explain the event, add hyperlinks, embed images, etc.

Support Crews

Please select all the support roles applicable to this action. This helps publicise actions that need say Outreach or Stewards to those teams so they can help support the action. Adding support crew this way doesn't guarantee their availability and you should still contact Actions Support

Updating / Correcting Calendar Events

It's fine to add a placeholder event whilst details are finalised so rebels at least save the date (but add that details to be added later in the description) .
Please make sure details are accurate to avoid publishing wrong info.
It is the responsibility of the group/person with calendar access rights to make sure that any changes are updated in the calendar directly.

If an update or correction relates to a UK action/event where the change of info might impact other teams, contact the M&M & email team ASAP:
M&M Mattermost Reception | Email:

If you have any problems, you can contact the Calendar team via:
Calendar Mattermost Reception | Email:

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