The basics of participating in XR Zoom meetings

Using Zoom in a Session

When in Zoom, how do I mute myself / unmute and manage other Zoom settings?
Once logged into Zoom, you will want to ensure you are muted unless you are speaking.

See below image of the settings available in Zoom

In the above image you can see the Mute button on the bottom left-hand side of the Zoom meetings control panel.

Notes on when to keep yourself muted

When should I turn my camera off?

How do I write in the chat?

What must I do if I want to speak?

As mentioned earlier, to manage people speaking over one another, we have a method in XR for communicating whilst on Zoom and these are also used for in-person meetings - so, good to know!

Please note: - When you put one finger up to speak, you are added to a queue, as there may be a few people at one time who also want to communicate.

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