Flyers / Leaflets

Rebel for Truth

These are the current generic outreach flyers. They are undated and so will be able to be used whenever you need them.

You can order them to be delivered directly to your group here, or you can print your own by downloading them from this link, including Welsh versions.

Dirty Water

Dirty Water flyers can be found here.

Conflict and Climate

Increasingly, groups are wanting to talk about the links between conflict and the climate crisis, but explaining these connections to people can be difficult. Our War and Peace messaging guidance has been designed to help with that.

If you are doing an XR action linked to current conflicts, or are running a stall at an event (a Palestine fundraiser, for example), you may wish to use these flyers to help explain why you are there, and why conflict and climate change are 2 sides of the same problem.

Files for printhing this flyer:
Conflict & Climate flyer for home printing
Conflict & Climate Flyer for professional printing


Insure Our Future

Insure Our Future flyers can be found here.

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