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Tabling / Stalling Method (from Portland, Oregon)

  1. Canvass - Won’t be the same everywhere

     Los Angeles vs Portland
     Pandemic vs no pandemic.
  2. Design, design, design. Your table, atmosphere, persuasion, are all important.

     Masks, sanitizer handy
     Books, literature, flyers, badges
  3. Opening question. Promising to have an interesting conversation.

     Do you have a second to talk about saving the planet?
     	Variations on this.
  4. Identify and eliminate people who are in active opposition.

     This table is your time to talk to like minded people.
     Have flyers, links, etc, handy for them to find the information they need.
  5. Research, research, research.

     John Locke:
     Gandhi - Swaraj, Swadeshi, Satyagraha
     Martin Luther King
     Know and use the XR demands, in the context of your city, and the national government.
     Ie: Lots of Governments have declared a climate emergency, why not ours?
     Our government declared a climate emergency, but the policy doesn’t match our demands.
     History of Citizens Assemblies (Athens Greece), and the movement for more and more citizens assemblies.
     Bonus:	Foucoult - genealogy of ideas, culture, power.
  6. Conversation pattern. What ultimate place will this conversation arrive at before you make your fundamental ask.

     Graph of my typical conversation in the image below
     Some people can pick up something like this right away, and will be off the the races.
     Others will take some time to learn how to make it work. Don’t be frustrated by fumbles.
     Conversation pattern is only a guide, feel free to jump in and fill in gaps.
     Many people will not be prepared to discourse on your topics.
     Possibly ask them to do the Climate Quiz at
  7. Having a good fundamental, non-trivial ask.

     Electronic poll - gathers phone and email.
     	Offering badges/stickers in exchange for them taking it.
     	Balanced poll that makes them think about the movement from different perspectives.
         	Allows them to make use of the conversation you just had.
     	Poll should end in a donation screen, automatically popped up if this is possible. 
     	Scan QR code - they could do it on their phone.
     Signup sheet - with phone and email.
     	We are sending out text reminders about events, in person or online.
     	We have an e-mail list.
     	Can I give you a call sometime?
     	What sorts of activities would you be interested in?
  8. Following up:

     Early and often.
     Queueing and then sending them into a pool.
     Time management.
  9. Fundraising

     Here's a video detailing a fundraising method too!