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Paint The Streets

Action guidelines v.1.7 - May 2020

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Action guidelines v.1.7 - May 2020

This is a live document that is regularly updated - If you're not viewing it from the Google Drive please click here to make sure you have the latest version.

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The current lockdown and the effects of Covid-19 have changed our lives. As human activity has headed indoors some of us find ourselves with more time to make & create.

Action Design and Planning Advice (doc linked here) is to prioritise looking after ourselves and our communities; take the space to reflect and get organised.


Let’s take care to avoid messaging which can be seen as divisive or upsetting, instead focusing on the things that unite us all. We suggest avoiding the use of skulls, death motifs and slogans which are not agreed by your group and aligned with actions messaging. These media guidelines offer more details on messaging during Covid19.


Read the FAQ document here on the Rebel Toolkit or here on a google doc
XR Arrest Welfare does not advocate arrestable actions for the time being.The increased police powers and health dangers mean that activities previously seen as low risk might not be. Click here to read more.

Now for some fun

As the lockdown continues, this document contains some suggested activities of things to create, to be deployed when the time is right. And remember. It’s great when we change our environments with creative actions, however small. It’s even better when these actions combine on a grand scale.
If your group wants to create a bigger impact, connect with others by joining the Paint The Streets Telegram chat to share your ideas and links to your projects. For the XR Design Programme contact your local Art group or email

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Messaging will follow three phases: PAUSE (where we are now), CONNECT and WHAT’S NEXT? How long each phase will take is unknown, we will work together with other XR Groups to make sure our messages are aligned with actions.


Visual messages that emphasise regeneration over rebellion and reflect the transition we are witnessing. What are we prioritising? What really matters? These are tough times, let’s try to brighten up our days with beautiful artwork

and positive messages.


Messages that highlight the connections already happening in society. Messages showing that some of the responses we are seeing to Covid19 embody the values we want to see in the world (eg. Mutual Aid). We are awaiting the release of an XR messaging framing document and emergency demands. We advise treading carefully with XR branding, unless it is related to specific campaigns such as #NHSnotHS2 or #carbonlockdown.


Messages that highlight the need for a Green Recovery, inviting people to consider what future they want to see. Campaigns for the government not to bail out the big polluters. Can we be happy with less? Can we distribute income fairly? Messages that invite community into government through Citizens Assemblies.

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Here are some ideas for actions during this phase.
Join in or make your own!


Print and share messages of solidarity with yourneighbours, community and the wider world by putting up tiled window displays such as these ones here.


  • Stencils are a fun way to create XR artworks for spray chalking and poster making.
  • Watch this inspiring tutorial which was created by the very talented: by Paris68Redux and get creative!

    • With a scalpel, cutting board, roller and some paint you can make beautiful artwork that can be put up in your window or in the street when the moment feels right.
    • If you have blocks with XR illustrations lying around, use them! And if not, here’s a link to a dropbox folder of stencil templates and inspiration from XR Print Workshop.
Note: If you plan to Paint The Streets please avoid any vandalism; go for chalk spray or posters and do not target private property.


Stay safe in style! Use XR image assets, found material or draw your own. See the tutorial for making your own facemasks here.

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While our streets are free of people and traffic, we have a chance to rewild thems. Using stencils or free hand, we can paint vines, trees and other vegetation on the concrete.
This project can be completed over a series of weeks where the plants ‘grow’ with each visit.
  • Stencils are available to get you going here:
  • Alternatively, you can create your own designs, but whatever you do make sure to share your work #paintthestreets

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REWILDING (continued)

Lots of lawns will be left unattended due to the lockdown, so we have the chance to help nature reclaim the city! Mustard seed is cheap and will grow to around 60cm in 6 weeks on any soil: buy it here. The land needs to be a bit bare or disturbed for best effects. More info here in this Infinite Growth doc

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Most of us have by now an extensive library of printed XR matter lying about. Now is not the best time for person-to-person outreach but we can still use the colourful bits of paper to make origami animals and leave them (safely) outdoors on our daily walks. See here for example instructions, or the web has a multitude of other resources!


Animals and plants stickers are quick to put up during a walk. Decorate your bins!


Learn new skills and focus your mind by making a skeleton model of an endangered bird, using (mainly) recycled materials from your lockdown household. You can hang it from your living room ceiling for now, and then watch it come to life when we next fly together in protest. Join the XR Skeletons Rebellion (links to Facebook) and read the XR Birds brief for more info. Here’s also a look ‘Inside a Bird’ - via a DK website and an example of how to make a paper mache crow.

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Join the telegram chat to discuss and share your ideas and images and share your ideas and images: XRUK Paint The Streets Telegram Chat

Paint The Streets on Social Media: Facebook: Paint the streets Instagram: Paint The Streets

Share your work! #paintthestreets

For the full up-to-date document of ideas, please see here


PTS FAQs on the Rebel Toolkit PTS FAQs Google Doc