Creating a Campaign and Support

Can I create my own campaign?

XR Local groups and Regions are encouraged to create their own campaigns. Consider the messaging and targets carefully eg. the funders and profiteers of climate and ecological destruction; the government, corporations and the bank system.
Make sure you give consideration to how your campaign fits into the XRUK Strategy for 2020* and reflect on the impact of the messaging as well as how it will be interpreted by society as a whole.
XRUK Paint The Streets campaigns are shared or scaled up UK-wide, sometimes Internationally. It’s good for new campaigns to be mindful of:
  • Location
  • Group capacity
  • Strategy and messaging
  • Working around key dates/themes - check in with the UK calendar through Action Circle if its UK-wide
Contact to share your idea with actions coordinators, or run it past reps in the Telegram chat (just reach out there and someone will reply)...
This is to check in with the UK calendar of actions and also to receive support.

Things to consider….

  • Work up the messaging and logistics before sending out the campaign.
  • Leave minimum 2 weeks to print and distribute materials in your area… needs a coordinator with time to manage as can take time.
  • Leave a month preparation for any big campaign. Rebels need lead time to get into a project idea and see if it works alongside other actions.
  • Creating a PDF and sharing the link so that people can print it off themselves is a more efficient way of sharing, but if you’re able to do local distro in your city or area then it can be a real booster for groups.
  • Create an action event to rally rebels round a date and purpose.
  • Give time for rebels to plan for this around other actions.

Where can we find information to support our campaigns?

The Paint the Streets googledrive folder has an array of designs and resources from past and current campaigns. All the work has been created by dedicated individuals who have volunteered to support our movement. These documents are not to be used for commercial gain.

Where is information from previous Paint the Streets campaigns?

The Art resources section of the Rebellion.Earth website has electronic copies of Extinction Rebellion flyers, stickers, posters etc which you can download. Please contact your regional Creative / Arts coordinator or for more details, or to get access to the XR Design Programme. You can then modify these to suit your local needs, provided your messaging is in keeping with strategy and aims.
The XRUK Paint the Streets Design Drive also has a wealth of material from previous campaigns. Don’t forget to share your images, with your location, to the XRUK Paint the Streets Telegram chat.