Messaging and Action Guidelines (PTS)

What are the Paint the Streets Guide - Action Guidelines?

In April 2020 the Paint the Streets UK working group put together these Action & Messaging Guidelines which is also a book within the Rebel Toolkit here: Action Guidelines (PTS), along with ideas from Rebels around the UK to inspire creativity.
For any actions you take part in, including Paint The Streets, please check out these guidelines to help groups link up with art resources, consider the design ethos and get the best images and media shots from your actions: XR Arts - Action Design

What kind of messaging should we use?

We encourage you to create work around current UK-wide action campaign messaging or agreed local messaging such as: #Rewild #NoGoingBack #NHSnotHS2 etc
When you post pictures to social media please remember to include the relevant hashtag for your campaign with #paintthestreets. Please share images on the UK-wide Telegram chat, including your local group so the social media team can pick them up for our Facebook page and Instagram.

Paint The Streets - Slogans

We suggest using slogans which have been agreed on by action campaign groups, also don’t forget to use XR’s three demands and original slogans. These can be found in the Paint The Streets slogans document.

It is up to your local group if using the XR logo feels appropriate. Some groups have found that slowly building up imagery (such as the painted vines) can make a strong statement before adding the XR logo at a later stage.
Note: The logo is copyrighted and not to be used for commercial purposes. Check out the XR design guidelines, you can get more info from including the latest version of the design programme.