Clean Up

Rebellion is always messy, with people leaving their belongings in “safe” places only to find they have been moved by the time they return. Police often confiscate property large and small and once we leave the streets our logistics teams are left with piles of unclaimed belongings to sort through.

So here are some things to consider to help reunite your rebels with their property.

Reclaiming Confiscated Items

We cannot predict police tactics for this Rebellion, but in October they were very focused on confiscating property.

  • If the police confiscate equipment or belongings they will likely be kept at a police station or in one of their warehouses.
  • To track down property talk to either your solicitor after arrest or to the Police Liaison team as they will likely be able to narrow the search. You can reach the Police Liaison team on
  • When picking up confiscated items for yourself or others it is helpful to have a photo or clear description of what you are looking for as the Police warehouses are rarely organised.
The Big Sort

The only guarantee after the Rebellion is that we will have a bit of a mess! A good sort will always be necessary, so make sure to share the load and not leave one human to do it all. This is often a good hands on task for new rebels to take part in if they want to help out.

  • Find a space to bring everything that needs sorted. Or split it up between people’s homes for them to sort.
  • Working out what shared items you have is a good start. Banners, first aid kits and placards can all be stored together.
  • Personal belongings are more challenging. Make sure you have a clear system, photograph items, check for labels, share a spreadsheet of photos with your rebels. Make sure there is a clear way to contact the team holding the items.
  • Some things will never be claimed no matter how hard you try. Come together as a group and work out what you want to do with them. Blankets can be used for wellbeing, and art materials and burner phones are always useful. Clothes and some other items can be donated.

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