Connections & Forging new Relationships

The strength of any community depends on good relationships built on trust, cooperation, caring and resilience.

Extinction Rebellion recognises that discrimination and lack of awareness operate systemically to divide us, whether that discimination is based on gender, ethnicity, religion, class, ability, sexual orientation or other characteristics.

Extinction Rebellion is committed to addressing the links between ecological and climate collapse, and social and economic injustices. We recognise that it is marginalised communities who are consistently on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction, climate change, and ecological crises.

When Extinction Rebellion speaks of collapse and catastrophe we acknowledge that this is already a daily reality for many people, particularly in the Global South where the majority of the world live. We name this for what it is - an emergency. We keep this reality in mind and heart in designing our movement and our political and action strategies.

We move towards a fairer and more regenerative future by enriching others and being enriched by them. We have much to learn (and unlearn) from alliances with other communities who have long been working on anti-oppression, environmental, ecological and other social justice issues internationally. Only good things can come from our joining others with respect and humility, learning from each other, and working collaboratively to build the regenerative future of our dreams.


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