Getting New Rebels Involved

Event organisation

Offline events

We have had plenty of feedback from local rebels saying that whenever they could get together far away from any zooms and screens in a park or big garden, it gave an energy boost to their group. Going to a sociable offline event to hear more about XR is much more appealing than being asked to join the 10th zoom call of the day.

Online events

Make your facebook event more accessible by asking Extinction Rebellion UK (@XRebellionUK) to be a co-host. That way the event will show up on our UK events page and the website.

Tip: Use breakout rooms for audience engagement. Don’t include more than 4 people in one room.

Welcome to XR - every Tues 7-9pm - register either using the Talks & Training Facebook Events or the XRUK website Events page


Online UK Resources

The optimal scenario in welcoming new rebels is to get them involved in your thriving, local XR community. However, after big rebellions and actions many groups are exhausted or involved in debrief and looking back at the past weeks’ experiences.

Learn things

You can signpost new rebels to sign-up to interactive online trainings at the Rebellion Academy. This can help orientate rebels into XR. Encourage them to:

  1. Take the ‘What type of rebel you are’ quiz to get a better idea of how they could fit within the movement.
  2. Take part in the introductory trainings to find out more about XR
  1. Discover all trainings and resources available to help rebels prepare for their ideal role in the movement.

For this purpose, the UK-wide working groups have provided various online resources. Check the website Events page for workshops and training that new rebels will find useful such as the Heading for Extinction talks, the Hub and Mattermost Support and Training, Welcome to XR, Nonviolent Direct Action workshops, DNA workshops and Citizens' Assembly talks.

Get a role: Volunteer website

If you don’t have any events that you can invite new and interested recruits to, make sure to signpost them to the Volunteer Website if they'd like to volunteer for a role or task until your XR group has time to regenerate.
If new rebels express an interest in organising Regionally or Nationally or with XRUK, direct them to the Volunteer Website where they can peruse and apply for specific roles.

Get involved: National Campaigns

At the end of this handbook you will find simple handouts for active campaigns that new rebels can get involved in, which include simple tasks so that they can take action right away. We will also host these separately on the website so you can send links directly to rebels!

Money Rebellion
Trust the People
Digital Rebellion
Citizens' Assembly Advocates

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