Hopes & Dreams

XR principle and value number one declares that we have a shared vision for change.

This asks all rebels and activators to reach for their wildest dreams for the impossible? restoration and repair of our relationships, our humanity and Earth's abundance.

Let’s ask ourselves: What will it take for humanity to become a regenerative presence in the community of life on Earth?

Beginning today.

  • What does it look like to be your most authentic, bold and loving self?
  • What is your truest most beautiful imagining of the future?
  • What do you need for the flourishing of what you love?

Imagine your vision, intend for your vision, hold faith in your vision, love your vision and then act in the becoming of your vision.

“Because of the interconnectedness of all minds, affirming a positive vision may be about the most sophisticated action any of us can take.” Willis Harman

What’s next?

Visioning and imagining a future we want to live in is our first step in creating it. As a movement we are continually strategising, planning and growing. But before any of that can happen we must dream and create a culture of dreaming.

  • Strengthen your visioning muscles - Make daily space (2-5 mins) to imagine
  • Share your vision - write and speak of your vision
  • Listen for the vision of people who are like you AND not like you
  • Act in alignment with your vision - be that future you imagine
  • Strategise and design - actions that are constructions of a shared vision
  • LOVE like you’ve never loved before!

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