Bringing people with us

August 30th is a day to connect with those outside of Extinction Rebellon. So many of our fellow citizens share our yearning for change. Now it’s time for us to reach out and connect with our fellow humans, with their desire for a better world. This Rebellion has to reach outside of our XR bubble.

Create a space for your community to gather. Think about how to make it as relevant and inviting as possible. Maybe you’ll gather to listen to 70s disco tunes whilst you chop veg for a community supper, or perhaps hold a Community Assembly for your neighbourhood to share their vision for what the future of your streets could be… Unleash your creativity!

Actions aren’t the only things that can be bold, beautiful and vibrant. :)) Get some inspiration from the Trust the People’s community organising course, covering how to engage your community, hold a Community Assembly and organise for real change, and much more besides. And check out our briefing.