What's Your Plan?

Before you can prepare yourself for the rebellion, you should ask yourself: What will I be doing during the rebellion? What kind of information is useful for you will depend a lot on how you want to contribute. All of you have in common, however, that you should try to join an XR group.

Supporter Rebel Do you want to support the rebellion but have little time on your hand? And won’t be able to attend the rebellion in person?
• You’ll find the sections on easy asks and the Digital Rebellion useful.

Home Rebel Are you keen to commit lots of time to the rebellion but unable to attend the rebellion physically? If you’re part of a group that is at high risk for Covid 19, have caring commitments or disabilities that stop you from attending the rebellion, this is probably you. • You should have a look at the sections on welcoming new rebels, rebel ringing, and behind-the-scene roles. Some of the other ongoing XR campaigns and outreach methods might also be of interest to you.

Street Rebel
Are you going to join the rebellion in person? Do you want to contribute your skill set wherever most needed on the streets? • The rebellion checklist and essential talks and trainings are a priority for you. Also check out the action role training.

Rebel Rebel
Are you determined to take part in civil disobedience, possibly even to the point of arrest? • Again, have a good read through the rebellion checklist and essential talks and trainings. You want to have a particularly close look at the RISE CWUP resource, ideally together with your affinity group.

Obviously, the Street and Rebel Rebels can do anything that Supporter and Home Rebels would do whilst they’re still at home. This is just a framework to help you set priorities and find your way around this handbook.