ACTION rebel

As an Action Rebel you want to be involved in arrestable or non-arrestable direct action, either through participation or taking on a support role. You could also think of Action Rebels as protestors.

Principle 4: we openly challenge ourselves and our toxic system. We ‘own’ our personal actions and stand up to explain why what we do is necessary.

Principle 9: we are a non-violent network. We use non-violent methods as the most effective way to bring about change.

Join an Action!

Details of XR actions can be found through our Rebellion Broadcast on Telegram or Mattermost and also through our website events and campaigns pages.

Affinity groups (AGs)

These are civil disobedience support groups - a powerful way of taking action together. They contain a minimum of 4 and ideally between 8 and12 people. AGs can join with an XR mass action or arrange one of their own. They are completely autonomous.

Guidance and Support

Key training:

  • Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA): Essential for anyone who wants to take part in direct action, whether or not you are prepared to be arrested. Covers parts of an action, support roles, de-escalation, being arrested.
  • Know your rights (T&T): Aims to encourage safe protest. Covers your legal rights, interacting with the police, prejudice in the criminal justice system, how to limit risk to yourselves and others.

Further training: