Current Campaigns

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HS2 Rebellion

A train line might seem like an eco way to travel and normally that would be the case, however this particular one will take at least 120 years to become carbon neutral according to HS2, which doesn’t account for the mass deforestation they are doing.

Money Rebellion

Rebels around the country are invited to target these and other key institutions with a wide range of creative actions, including financial civil disobedience and digital actions.

CEE bill

The Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill puts forward changes to make sure politicians, stakeholders and citizens all work together to act faster and harder in response to the emergency.

Trust The People

Trust the People is a movement of community organisers dedicated to building a better world. Organised communities can shape a better society, one that prioritises the needs of people and the planet. Join our Community Transformers programme for peer support, resources, inspiration and much more.

Digital Rebellion

Join the Digital Rebellion telegram channel for updates, inspiration and to join our open zoom calls


Co-liberation is the process of moving towards ending all forms of oppression. Following the motto “none of us are free until all of us are free”, co-liberation is based on the principle that it is impossible to liberate one person/group/ community/category of people from oppression without striving for the liberation of all human beings. Through co-liberation, Extinction Rebellion declares the climate and ecological emergency as an emergency of all forms of oppression.

Citizen's Assembly Advocates

We are growing a Citizens’ Assembly Advocate Network (CAAN) of rebels in each local group to raise the flag for Citizens’ Assemblies! There is no expertise required, just enthusiasm to spread information and news about the often overlooked yet quite revolutionary Third Demand.