As a Grassroots Rebel you want to get involved in projects at a local level - this could be by joining a local group, doing local outreach or even setting up a group where none currently exists.

Principle 10: we are based on autonomy and decentralisation We organise in small, autonomous groups distributed around the world. The aim is to balance being able to act quickly with using group wisdom when needed.

Join a Local Group

A Local Group (LG) is a group of people that gather in a local area to build support and take action towards XR’s three demands. These groups organise as different Working Groups as much as possible for faster decision making. (Working Groups are parts of the overall group which focus on particular areas of work e.g. media, arts etc). To find a local group close to you, follow the link in the heading to go to the UK local group map.

Start a new Local Group

If there is no local group near you may want to start one. Use this document to help you - it’s not as hard as it sounds!

Join a Community Group

XR Community Groups are a way for rebels to connect, work together and support one another through communities of shared self-identity e.g. faith, profession, ethnicity or sexual identity.

Start a new Community Group

There are currently nearly 90 different groups but there is always room for more! Could you moblise your community?

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Further training: