How do we protect each other?

Several of our core principles are about care for each other, and this is reflected in our practice. You'll find here several of the ways we try to make sure we protect and care for everyone.

Good conduct

We expect everyone in XR to behave well towards other Rebels and members of the public. We have guidelines on how we expect Rebels to behave that we need everyone to follow.

What if I encounter bad conduct?

Our guidelines advise on what to do if you encounter any bad behaviour towards yourself or someone else. Please do look out for other people as well as yourself.


Safeguarding is our obligation to make sure that everyone in XR is safe from exploitation and abuse by someone else (especially those in a position of responsibility), whether that's emotional, psychological, physical, financial, sexual or through neglect.

We each have a responsibility to look out for each other and report anything that worries us or we feel uncomforable about. If you encounter a situation that makes you uncomfortable either for yourself or someone else, you can report breaches of the XR Principles and Values through this form.

When might you not be included?

There are a few cases where we might not be able to include you. Your needs might be beyond what we can meet, or you might (through your actions or otherwise) risk harm to other Rebels. In particular, you must disclose any safeguarding risks others might experience from your presence before you take on any volunteer role within XR. This might be a criminal conviction for a violent or sexual crime -whether spent or otherwise - or other issues related to your past experiences or behaviour, including failed DBS checks. Such issues may not stop you working for XR, but we need to know if they exist so that we can protect both you and other Rebels.