How we care for one another

Principle 8: we avoid blaming and shaming. We do not waste energy or sow division by attacking people personally. We live in a system that damages us all and no one person is to blame.

Principle 3: we need a regenerative culture. The work we do in XR can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. To protect ourselves, we try to integrate what we call 'regenerative culture' into our everyday behaviour. ‘Regen’, as it is commonly known in XR, means taking care of ourselves and each other, and ensuring that we all take enough down time.

Emotional Support

Grief and gratitude are linked - we grieve for the loss of something we are grateful for or love. Grieving together is a way of experiencing our connection as part of a community where what we feel matters and is heard. For more information on tending to grief, please email or use one of the following resources:

Trust the People

Trust the People is an XR-affiliated movement of community builders. It shares tools to support local communities deal with global crises. One of its workshops is designed to help with personal processing.

Open Homes

If you need somewhere to retreat, rest and regenerate, some lovely XR members have offered places you can go. (At time of writing this scheme is suspended due to Covid. We hope it will restart and will update this entry then.)

XR Community Groups

Community Groups are a way for rebels to connect and work together through communities of shared self-identity e.g. faith, profession, ethnicity or sexual identity.