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How we learn from one another

Principle 5: we value reflection and learning. We never know how things will change, so we try to stay open and flexible, to experiment and to learn from what we do. This helps us work out how to be as effective as possible. We value feedback and aim to both give and receive it with grace. We share our experiences so we can learn from one another.

Key training:

Welcome to XR: This live zoom training covers many of the same things as this Toolkit book does but gives you the chance to meet people, ask questions and be part of the ‘New Joiner’ Telegram chat for help, support and connections.

We use the following main platforms for learning:

1. Rebel Toolkit – public resource library

You are on the Rebel Toolkit right now; click the logo on the top left to start exploring!

2. Rebellion Academy - e-learning platform

  • self-learn interactive courses on a wide range of topics.
  • each training has written and video content which will guide you through the key points and ask you some questions at the end.
  • take things at your own pace; leave and come back when you like.

3. Talks and Trainings – live, or live-online training

  • Zoom training, talks and workshops on a wide range of topics.
  • connect with others, ask questions, give input.
  • find all of these trainings (and events, actions and meetings) on the Movement Calendar