Social Media Links

The Power of Social Media

Since the mainstream media refuse to cover the majority of our work, the primary way we can share our message is through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We use social media for the following things:

  • To Share News, about our actions, effects of our work and the work of others.
  • To Connect, with each other and with those people and organisations with power.
  • To Organise, together in groups and creating public events to share.

Boosting Posts

It is key to know how we can effectively boost our posts so they are seen by more people. The algorithms on social media are such that the more popular posts appear higher up on the feeds. Thus, the more we interact with posts the more they are seen by people!

A Nervous Rebel's Guide to Social Media

See A Nervous Rebel's Guide to Social Media for sections on each of our main social media platforms, and learn how to make posts more effective. Eg. On Facebook, a comment (even just an emoji) boosts more than a “like.”

XR's key Social Media links

UK Facebook group
Volunteers Facebook group
Remote Rebels Facebook group
Humans of XR Twitter page
Twitter: XRebellionUK

Local Groups - Facebook pages

Please see the 'Join Us' page of the UK website for your Local Group's Facebook page and/or email address.

XR Community Groups - Facebook pages

Please see the 'Join Us' page of the UK website for XR Community Groups's Facebook pages. The Community Groups are listed under the following categories:-

  • Diaspora
  • Equality and Rights
  • Intergenerational and Relational
  • Land and Housing
  • Professions and Skills
  • Religions and Faiths
  • Sports

Global Website