As a Supporter Rebel you may not want to attend actions, or have regular time for a role in a group, but you still support what Extinction Rebellion is doing. You may want to learn and talk about the crisis or help in other ways.


Talking with friends and family

Educate yourself about the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE), and help educate and involve others. Here are some resources to help you:

Support us on Social Media

Social media is a crucial tool in getting our message out. Follow the link to see how you can boost our posts so that they are seen by more people.

Support our Current Campaigns

You can support many of these campaigns from home in your spare moments:

  • CEE Bill: put pressure on your MP to support the bill
  • Money Rebellion: get involved in tax or debt disobedience
  • TruthTeller: whistleblow anonymously to expose environment-damaging companies
  • HS2 Rebellion

Join our Digital Rebellion telegram channel for a range of actions you can take digitally.

Other ways to support us

  • Switch your energy suppliers and bank and write to tell your old company why their poor environmental policies lost your business.
  • Bring food to local actions to show your appreciation!
  • Open Homes: offer accommodation to rebels (short or long term).

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