Technology is your Friend

Our communication tools are amazing!

We all live in a world of emails, multiple messaging platforms, messy document sharing and overwhelming video calls. The COVID crisis of 2020 has only exacerbated this existing issue. So we understand that sinking feeling in your stomach when you're asked to download yet another app to communicate with the world.

Our Digital team has been working incredibly hard to provide us with a toolset that has the functions we need, ethics we believe in and platforms we can understand and navigate. This is no easy task, so if you ever come across our techies - give them a high five or a happy emoji!

Our Tools

The first thing to know about our platforms is that they are all brought together on The Hub. This is where you set your email, username and password to use on the majority (soon to be all) of our tools. The Hub is run entirely on servers powered by renewable energy so not only can you be connected to your rebel family but you can do so guilt free!

To get yourself onto The Hub you will need to be invited by the Tech Champion of your team. So make sure that happens as soon as possible so that you can start following whats going on!

CommsHubDiagrams.png So what tools are on the Hub?
Well, here are the main ones:

  • Mattermost - our main platform for communication.
    On here, you can find channels for various groups across the organisation and you can directly message any rebel if you know their handle. We use Mattermost for chat, short conversations, questions and cat gifs. Mattermost connects us across the globe!
    Check out the Mattermost Training on the Rebellion Academy.
  • UK Forums - the place to go for long form discussions.
    Often we start a conversation on Mattermost but realise that the thread gets lost in the babble so for more in-depth topics we move to the forum where we can create a noise free space.
  • UK Cloud Storage - our filing cabinet.
    Here you can find the documents shared within your team: slides, minutes, photos etc, basically anything your team has worked on will be here. Think of it as if Rebels had taken Google and washed out all the nasties!
  • Rebel Toolkit - That's Us!
    You are on the Rebel Toolkit right now; click the logo on the top left to start exploring! The Toolkit is a resource sharing space; it is a public website where we share all of our resources, from Local Groups to National Groups. Anyone with a Hub Login can add their contribution to the Hive Mind!
    Check out the Toolkit Training on the Rebellion Academy.
  • Rebellion Academy - Is our learning platform
    The Academy is a great place for any new or returning Rebel to start! It's full of interactive courses on topics from NVDA to meeting facilitation. There are even a few on how to use the Toolkit and Mattermost. Each training has written and video content which will guide you through the key points and ask you some questions at the end. Complete a course and you get a shiny badge!

This page was written by @Raenyah please contact me if you have any questions or think something needs to be added.