Volunteer Website


This website is a volunteering roles board for Extinction Rebellion UK


The website aims to help volunteers find roles and groups to find volunteers. (We've used the term 'volunteer' throughout rather than 'rebel' as it is better understood by people completely new to XR.)

This is the page for volunteers (rebels) looking for a role. You can see the page for teams looking for volunteers here

How to find a role

You can browse roles by type of work, location or by entering key search terms. If you find a role you want to apply for you can either:

  • Create a profile and apply for the role or
  • Apply directly without saving a profile

Or, if you don't find a role you want to apply for, you can:

  • Create a profile and wait to be contacted by a group reading that profile and/or
  • Sign up to a weekly email of the type of role you are interested in (e.g. arts, tech etc)

Maximise your chances of getting a role by setting up a profile - these are visible to groups searching for volunteers who can then contact you directly. Also the more information you give about yourself the better your chance of a good match!

Advertised roles typically ask volunteers to:

  1. Have time to give each week (but timing is usually flexible outside the group meeting.)

  2. Join the Group’s weekly meeting (most groups meet online via conference call.)

  3. Have some specific skills or experience (though sometimes enthusiasm is enough!)

  4. Be fairly comfortable with computer technology (online meetings, forums, file-sharing, etc.)

Currently advertised volunteering roles
FAQs about volunteering and how to use the website

Site support is available by emailing volunteer@extinctionrebellion.org.uk

This website has been set up by the UK Rebel Pathway team and is maintained by the UK Rebel Pathway and UK Digital teams.

Information updated Jan 2021 by @hazelg