Principle 6: we welcome everyone and every part of everyone. This principle is our commitment to inclusivity. We want to make XR a comfortable and genuinely welcoming place for everyone.

We use XR Principles of Inclusivity and Diversity & Inclusivity at Actions to provide for the needs of as many people as possible. If you have needs or concerns, please do get in touch with the people organising the event that you're interested in - we want to help you take part. If you see barriers to inclusivity, please let organisers know so they can work to sort things out.

Remote Rebels is a Facebook group for people who want to get involved but have restrictions on their time and/or mobility. (See also ‘Supporter Rebel’).

Co-liberation is an XR group dedicated to ending all forms of oppression. Email: co-liberation@protonmail.com

Although we accept every person, we do not accept every behaviour. We will tackle harmful behaviour or language when it arises (see ‘Poor behaviour’). There are also a few rare cases where we might not be able to include you. Your needs might be beyond what we can meet, or you might risk causing harm to others (see ‘Safeguarding’).

Principle 7: we actively mitigate for power. ‘Power’ is clearly not spread between people evenly. What this principle means is that, in XR, we work at balancing things out.

Here are some ways we try to do this:

  • weighting coordinating roles towards marginalised groups
  • including issues and voices normally ignored in our meetings and messaging
  • rotating who holds positions of responsibility
  • embedding anti-oppressive practice into our training materials
  • forging alliances with grassroots movements of marginalised people
  • improving our awareness of personal privileges

See also ‘Community Groups’ - XR groups of shared self-identity