Where can I get support?

XR Community Groups

XR Community Groups are a way for rebels to connect and work together through communities of shared self-identity rather than of shared location, for example faith, profession, ethnicity and sexual identity. If you visit the XR Community Groups page of the XR UK website, you will find groups under a wide range of categories:

  • Diaspora
  • Equality and Rights
  • Intergenerational and Relational
  • Land and Housing
  • Professions and Skills
  • Religions and Faiths
  • Sports

Trust the People is a movement of community builders that is open to everyone and shares deliberative democratic tools to support local communities in dealing with global crises. Trust the People has a module here on the Rebel Toolkit to help with personal processing: taking time to connect with ourselves, to reflect on who we are, how we act and how we relate to others and the world around us. Using a range of activities, this module seeks to provide opportunities to better understand ourselves by thinking about our identity, our relationship to society, our learnt biases and our needs.

The Personal Processing module includes the following topics:

Disabled Rebels

Our Disabled Rebels Network (DRN) works to help and guide XR in ensuring that we plan for and meet the needs of Rebels with physical or mental-health needs. You can contact them on Facebook or by email.

The DRN provides extensive resources for organisers, and you can see some of it here. If you have particular needs or concerns for a particular event, please do contact the event organisers. If you experience any problems, particularly problems that have the effect of excluding you from taking part, please do report these to the event organisers and, if needed, through the DRN or Safeguarding Officers.

LGBTQI+ and Rainbow Rebellion

XR LGBTQI+ and Rainbow Rebellion work to help and guide XR in ensuring that we plan for and meet the needs of Rebels of any and all sexual and gender identities. You can reach out to XR LGBTQI on Facebook and sign up to join the group here, or reach out to Rainbow Rebellion on Facebook or email.

All organisers are expected to follow our Principles of Inclusivity and organisers' guidance here. If you experience any problems at an XR event or group, particularly problems that have the effect of excluding you from taking part, please do report these to the organisers and, if needed, to the Safeguarding Officers.

Trained Emotional Support Networks

The Trained Emotional Support Network (TESN) provides support for both individuals and groups recognising that the realities of the Climate Crisis and potential involvement in protests may leave any one of us needing support at some time. TESN and the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) have a structured set of support offerings ready for you.

  • XR Rebel2Rebel Telephone Active Listening. Feeling anxious, lonely, or had a bad day? The XR Rebel2Rebel Telephone Active Listening service is up and running! While this is not a formal counselling service, you can get support from a trained and vetted Rebel Active Listener. For further information and to get help from this service please email Rebel2Rebel@tesn.uk and someone will get back to you.
  • Climate Psychology Alliance Counselling or Psychotherapy Services
XR Open Homes

If you need somewhere to retreat, rest and regenerate, some lovely XR members have offered places you can go. The listings include advice and context around being Covid-safe.

Grief Tending

Grief and gratitude are linked - we grieve for what we are grateful for or love. As well as people we love, there are many other losses in our life: children moving away, loss of a job or home, nature, habitat or species loss.

Grief shows up in different ways as sadness, anger or sometimes numbness. Grief Tending is 'soul' work, requiring us to face the losses that we experience as part of life. Through facing our grief instead of turning it away, connections are deepened, taking us into territory where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Facing our grief can also expose the truth of our need for others in times of suffering.

Grieving together is a way of witnessing our connection and interdependence, as part of a community or village where what we feel matters and is heard.

For more information on Grief Tending, please email xrgrief@protonmail.com.

National helplines