Will I be included?

We are everyone

This means we try to build everything about XR in a way that everyone finds it a comfortable and genuinely welcoming place.

On joining XR, we have all agreed to welcome everyone and every part of everyone. Therefore, there is a duty for us to do as much as we can to ensure everyone has access to our resources and that we are welcoming to a diverse range of people.

We cannot be perfect but we want to be better.

Inclusivity and XR

All of our actions should be guided by the XR Principles of Inclusivity. These acknowledge that an inclusive product, service or environment does not exclude any section of society. Inclusive solutions consider all users and participants, including disabled people, and are a positive step towards a holistic, universal system. The principles can be summarised as:-

  • Individuals have unique and particular needs in learning, social and campaigning environments.
  • Respect each individual’s right to express and present themselves relative to their religion, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender-identity or identity as disabled people.
  • Promote inclusivity by reasonably adjusting procedures, activities and physical environments.
  • Focus on the learning or support needs of the individual without assumptions or labels.
  • Be inclusive in all forms of communication.
  • Serve all with sensitivity, respect, and within boundaries of social justice.

In order to build an inclusive approach towards involving all sections of society in the struggle to highlight the Climate Emergence, all of our actions, meetings, training, workshops and talks should be as inclusive as far as it is possible to make them. If you encounter any problems, please do let us know! This is our failing, not yours.

Before any groups or teams arrange an event that is not inclusive, they need to show that they have made all attempts to make them so and also show any alternatives that were offered or considered. They should also be able to give valid reasons why making their events fully inclusive was not possible.

If you feel that your LOCAL GROUP isn't considering suitable venues and is not working to remove barriers to inclusivity, then please raise this with your regional coordinator.

Will I be welcome in spite of...?

Yes! And often because of, not despite, anything you might worry about.

One of the great things about XR's very 'flat' structure is that we have lots of self-organised Community Groups of people who welcome and support each other. These include:

  • local groups, connecting people from similar physical locations;
  • faith groups, connecting people based on a shared religious or philosophical belief;
  • disability-support groups, connecting people who have individual needs based on their health, bodies or minds;
  • affiliate groups, connecting people who are involved in other campaigning movements;
  • other support groups connecting people based on their gender identity, sexual identity and other aspects of identity.

There's more information about these Community Groups on another page of this Rebel Next Steps Pack.

Will my physical and mental-health needs be met and protected?

XR has extensive guidance (produced by our Disabled Rebels Network) to help people organising events ensure that they think about and provide for the needs of everyone they can. And by 'events', we mean both Actions and planning meetings!

You can read some of our guidance to organisers here but, if you have particular needs or concerns, please do get in touch with the people organising the particular event that you're interested in.

Current rebels are encouraged to follow the guidance in the book Engaging our Rebels.