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What are we commenting for?

Before typing, it can be helpful to think about what you are trying to achieve through engaging in conversation online. There are different types of conversations to be had, and different ways in which these can contribute to the overall aims of the movement. Here are a couple (although there will be others):

• Telling the truth. This is core to both XR and the purpose of this group. While a single comment might not result in someone who isn’t facing up to the climate emergency doing an instant u-turn, it may chip away at these views. Perhaps more importantly is the effect it could have on others viewing the conversation.

• Amplifying action-specific messages. If people are discussing an action and its effects, if at all possible, we can try to bring the conversation around to the intended message of the action.

• Explaining and defending the movement itself. XR does not need everyone to agree with our tactics - previous successful social movements have attracted criticism. However, if we alienate too many people, this could undermine our message so it is worth listening to people’s concerns and explaining the reasoning behind our actions.