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Where are we commenting?

To actively look for people on social media to respond to, you can search for Extinction Rebellion or #extinctionrebellion on social media. If there are action-specific hashtags (eg #ChangeIsNow #MakeHistory #CitizensAssembliesNow) search for these. On X (Twitter) some people mis-spell rebellion with one ‘l’ (i.e. #extinctionrebelion) so try this too.

You can also create new social media content. However, the focus of this group is largely on responding to existing comments as this is a way of engaging with people who are already discussing climate change and XR.

The comments sections of newspapers are also very important for Rebel Responders Online Outreach. These can have a lot of comments and very large numbers of people reading them. Sometimes comments are very negative - especially in articles about disruptive XR actions - and a few positive comments can really change the overall feel of a thread.

For news articles, you can search for ‘extinction rebellion’ in google news or within any newpaper’s own website.

Here are some further, more specific suggestions. Feel free to add to these, but please only add locations you’ve tried and tested.

Personal vs Official Social Media Accounts

Most people involved in Rebel Responders are using their personal social media accounts. There are of course ‘official’ XR accounts for geographical areas and interest groups. But the intended audience for this guidance document is people who want to help the movement using online engagement without necessarily having an organising role. Often it is a way of contributing to actions for people who would love to attend but can’t. When speaking on behalf of XR, using an official account, it’s important to be respectful to the range of views but when responding as an individual we can be more personal and only have to represent ourselves.

XR news on Facebook

As XR activists take action they’ll get featured in local and national media. Many outlets have a Facebook page where they post their stories. These attracts comments we can engage with.

London media:

BBC London
Evening Standard

Other local news outlets

Oxford Mail
Bristol Live
Yorkshire Evening Post

National Media


Where XR use Facebook adds people can, and will comment. Look at your own timeline - you’ll likely see some.