Glossary for new rebels

We do our best but know we can lapse into jargon sometimes! Here are some terms and acronyms we think new rebels are most likely to need.
To find a fuller list go to our Glossary of Terms page.

  • Action Network (AN)

The system we use to keep records of XR subscribers and send out mailings and newsletters.

  • Action Point (AP)

Record of a specific task someone agrees to take on, usually at a meeting.

  • Affinity Group (AG)

Small groups of people who work together at actions.

  • Citizens’ Assembly (CA)

Innovative bodies that can empower people, communities and entire countries to make important decisions in a democratic way.

  • Community Group

A group brought together by identity e.g. faith, culture, occupation or really anything! e.g. XR Grandparents, XR Muslims, XR Doctors etc.

  • Coordinator
  1. Internal Coordinator (IC) Manages the relationships within the group.

  2. External Coordinator (EC) Manages the group’s relationship with other groups.

  • DNA

The things that make us XR. These include our Principles & Values, Self-Organising System, Ways of Working etc.

  • Glassfrog

The old XR UK organisational diagram. This has now been replaced by the Hub described below, which now also holds details of Working Groups and Local Groups and their relationships. You can find the public facing version of the organisational diagram at

  • Hub - also known as CommsHub

A webpage which gives access to our online communications tools:

  1. Mattermost (MM): Instant chat, connecting all of XR worldwide
  2. Forums: Longer discussions on particular topics
  3. Cloud: Storage for documents

The Hub is specifically for XR in the UK and can be found at

  • Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA)

The practice we use to achieve our goals of social change. It includes protests, civil disobedience and economic and political non-cooperation.

  • Peoples’ Assembly (PA)

A brain storming tool for big groups that empowers people to share their ideas and opinions.

  • Rebel

Anyone who joins us and commits to our principles and values.

Five rules which rebels should adhere to on actions.

  • Regenerative Culture

The principles of care, mutual respect and listening we try to abide by.

  • Self-Organising System (SOS)

Our system of organising. It is how we make decisions, define roles, structure ourselves and evolve as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Our principles and values and data protection policy.

  • Working Group (WG) (or ‘circle’ or ‘team’)

A group of people who do a particular type of work e.g. talks and trainings (T&T), media and messaging (M&M).

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