How you can get involved

Extinction Rebellion is made of people from various backgrounds, ethnicities, communities and identities. Here are some different ways of connecting with people within the UK:

  • Take part in actions

See our events calendar for details of coming actions on our XR events page

  • Get involved in your community

Connect with other people in your area by joining a Local Group. Find the closest one to you on our interactive map linked here

Connect with communities of shared self-identity (e.g. faith, occupation) by joining a Community Group: Community Groups' list and contacts on our website

  • Help organise our movement

Organise with us at a regional, national or UK level. Apply for available roles or set up an online CV. Contribute your skills to help drive our movement via our XR Volunteer Website

  • Support us in another way

Consider donating. You can learn more here at

Ask your MP to support the Climate and Ecology Bill (external link)

We are a global movement

You can connect with rebels around the world by visiting the XR Global Website

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