Why do we need to rebel?

• We have known we are heading for disaster for over 30 years*
• In that time, carbon emissions have increased by 60%.**
• In the last 50 years, wildlife populations have decreased by an average of 68%. ***

Our governments have not protected us.

Conventional campaigning has failed.

We are almost out of time to change course.

Civil disobedience has a history of achieving change where other methods have failed. For example the Suffrage Movement gained the vote for women by their actions.

We must act now for the sake of all life on earth. We will not be led quietly to extinction by elites and politicians.

*In 1988, climate scientist James Hansen testified before the US congress, provoking the New York Times headline: ‘Global Warming Has Begun, Expert Tells Senate’

**International Energy Agency 2021 report

***World Wildlife Fund Living Planet report 2020

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