Empowerment Reminder

We are a self-organising movement. No-one is in charge. We are given authority by our place in the whole. Let’s take it, and use it. When we all hold power, there is empowerment. Let’s embrace the power that our groups entrust to each of us, and our teams, to make decisions within our roles, and play our part within our groups. In this system we are all important, we all have things to contribute to the whole. We are all poorer if we miss out on unspoken ideas. For those who find it easy to speak in a group, let’s step back and allow others in. For those who find it hard to speak up, let’s embrace the opportunity to find our voice. This is our new way of working. This is autonomy and decentralization in practice.

Usage: Near the beginning (or end) of a meeting, alongside Regen reminder

Source: SOS circle

This version date: 2021-06-01