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The Resources to Support Extinction Rebellion

A place to share the valuable work of all XR Rebels!

This place is for any Rebel to share their own original work
We hope using this space will connect rebels from all around the UK
and demonstrate their creativity - without the need of additional approval

Please help yourself to any of the resources, they are all freely available
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How it's organised

The organisation of this toolkit is like a library, with Shelves, BooksChapters and  Pages
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The resulting order of shelves is designed to broadly reflect the Rebel Journey in XR looking like this:

Supporting XR shield-icon-16-(1).png
Group Building
Community Building shield-icon-16-(1).png
Street Legal
Talks & Trainings
Politics and Beyond
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The shelves in more detail:

Supporting XR shield-icon-16-(1).png

  • The things you need to know about XR if you are going to be a supporter, or hold any role within XR
  • Also on this shelf is the thinking behind XR and ways in which you can begin to supporting XR actively
  • A glossary of terms and abbreviations used in Extinction Rebellion
  • The Politics, Economics, Science and Philosophy that inspires Extinction Rebellion

Group Building

  • Building a Group is the starting point, this area will give you the resources to organise and maintain your group
  • Guides for individual rebels on how they can get involved and prepare for Rebellion

Community Building shield-icon-16-(1).png

  • Having established your group, growing and developing it into a resilient, robust and innovative team will help in being able to mount effective actions
  • See how other groups have been building and connecting with their local, and other communities!
  • When you start taking action, you and your group will need to know how to stay physically and legally safe
  • Knowing what to expect if your actions are deemed illegal

Talks & Trainings

  • Talks and training can inspire and prepare you
  • How to request and design courses in your local area and examples of the kinds of training given across the movement
  • And it’s really good to know the things that have worked before for others, before shaping your own action


  • Here you'll find the images you need to draw attention to your action
  • That can be on the streets, on-line, on documents, on clothing, bags and fabric
  • Posters :: Banners
  • Booklets :: Flyers
  • Leaflets :: Badges
  • Stencils :: Printing resources and more...


  • If you're taking any kind of action, the more people that know about it when it's happening, the better!
  • Using the appropriate media outlets, or speaking directly to your supporters, make the best use of the resources available
  • What groups are doing to promote their events and message their actions!

Politics and Beyond!

  • At the Local and Regional level, getting politicians & councilors involved will be effective
  • How are groups engaging politically from lobbying MPs to bringing participarory democracy to the people!


  • You need to prepare yourself before an action, to know you have the personal resilience to carry it through
  • After an action you will need to do what works for you to recover your equilibrium
  • This can be in calming retreats, or quiet conversations, or in formal debriefing sessions
  • Learn how rebels caring for each other, their groups and building a positive future!

Help Using This Toolkit shield-icon-16-(1).png

  • About this web site and other sources of information
  • How to use this toolkit, how to add, edit, and update resources
  • How to contact us

The contents of these two shelves have been integrated into the shelves above, and will be deleted soon:

        Organising a Rebellion     |       Remote Rebels

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