Social Media Strategies

We are being suppressed on social media, they hide our posts and place us lower in the search results.

What can you do to help?

Nervous about Social Media? - Check out: A Nervous Rebel's Guide to Social Media


It is not enough to simply like a post to give it attention If you see an XR Post Comment on it - this boosts the profile of the post If you see an XR post with NO Comments, give it some love and attention and share with your groups! If you see a post with a lot of negative comments Give the post some love Share it with your XR groups to give it some love!


Go beyond liking a post! Retweet to boost it! Even better, quote the Tweet with your own words / hashtags Make sure to repeat the hashtags from the original post as well as the generic ones #WeWantToLive #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow Have a look at the threads, if there is a lot of negativity share it with us so we can love bomb them and drown out the trolls!


Make the most of the Hashtags! Share posts to your Story and tag @xrebellionuk and @extinctionrebellion Comment on Posts showing support and use our Hashtags

If you are on other social media sites and are comfortable using them - Go fo it! Create a community.

FOR MORE HINTS AND TIPS SEE BELOW! Please add to this as you go - it needs more info - if you want to get involved in this please gives us a shout via Communities on Mattermost. Not on Mattermost try our Telegram channel.

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