Find or Start a Local Group

Find a Local Group near to you

You can look for a group close to where you live on the Local Group map. If you can't find a pin on the map close enough to you, then click on the hourglass symbol to contact your Nation or Region.

Local Group Support team is here to help

This is an UK-wide team with dedicated volunteers focused on helping Local Groups. These volunteers are called 'Gardeners' - they are a local person focussed on helping Local Groups in your particular Nation or Region and they can support and guide you through any of the items listed below.

Contact this team on their Mattermost reception or by email -

Find local rebels

If there is no Local Group close to you, you can still get in touch with the Local Group Support team. They will be able to help you find individual rebels close to you to either form an Affinity Group or perhaps set up a new Local Group.

Set up a new Local Group

The follow list is not a list of essentials and not necessarily in sequential order. Depending on the size, skills, time capacity and focus of your group, some of these will be more relevant to you. You are free to organise in whatever ways suit you.

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