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Action Design - XR Arts

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Creative actions can have incredible power and impact.

Working closely with your Arts, Action & Messaging teams from the outset of action planning to decide on your Action Identity.

Who is the action aimed at and does it align with our demands?

  • Create a narrative and make it clear to the public through cohesive visuals and choreography such as banners, flyers, placards, mobile structures, music, drama or speeches.

  • Balance framing the action visuals with radical participation: space for rebels to bring their own creative expression.

  • Consider the look & feel of the action. Less is more. Think about visual framing for photographs and footage. The life of an action spreads online like a ripple effect. The press will respond best to well designed actions with clear messaging and powerful imagery.

  • Make sure your action promotes XR’s core demands and the action design rather than your own artistry or brand. Balance your own creativity with service to the movement. Aim for sustainable, recycled materials to embody the change.

  • Consider a colour scheme from the XR design programme, 3 colours is good. Also consider a dress code. It’s important we are seen as members of society, as they will try to cast as extremists when in reality we are the outliers! For example, Hi-vis for stewards (ideally yellow) and legal advisors (orange). We don’t usually hide our faces (no masks etc, although this has changed for Covid, where masks are used).

  • Consider the weather and how it will affect your materials and staging. Eg. vinyl banners and waterproof placards hold strong in the rain and have a longer life.

Watch this masterclass in Art Activism John Jordan Youtube video


  • Use the XR Design Guidelines for graphic design files and the XR colour scheme. It has been designed to try and avoid overt political associations (eg. Tory blue and left wing red).

  • Contact for support and link to the XR Design Programme.

  • Start the process for designing print materials (flyers, posters) as far in advance if possible. Build an outreach team to hand them out. More information about printing can be found here.

  • Paint The Streets: flyposting, murals and other street art information can be found in this: Paint The Streets - Info Pack Link Here

  • Digital designs also need to be created in the correct format for Facebook banners, logos and flyers. Once the designs are ready please send them to to check and link up with XR London / UK etc.

  • Use the Fucxed font with logotype and / or symbol in your designs for consistency.

  • Everyone loves patches and badges! They are great for making people feel that they belong whilst also giving us a cohesive visual identity.

  • Frame key people in the action with patches, flags or placards. Direct the cameras to well made objects only.


  • Standard flags, additional flags and banners should be available for actions from your local

  • XR Art Group (Factory) or Art Blockers.

  • To request existing flags and banners through our arts assets team please give a month to minimum 2 weeks lead time, in some cases we do 48hrs rapid response actions.

  • More info on ART ASSETS flags & banners and how to order existing ones can be found in this Art Assets doc and / or contact

  • Standard logo flags could make up 70% of the total flag count e.g. if you have 50 flags in total, 35 of them should have symbol or Citizens Assembly. The strong visual design of the flags helps to bring together the diversity of the handmade placards. This depends on the action, if it is a collaboration with movement of movements the use of symbols might not be desired front and center, so it’s important to discuss the action design with those groups.

  • Road banners are essential for protection on a road block and give clear messaging. They are often the first thing people see when approaching an action.

  • Human sized banners are hand-held and fabric. If you use only one make it ‘NONVIOLENT’ or ‘WE ACT IN PEACE’.

  • If you make or order new banners make the messaging universal, so it can be reused.

  • Share key messaging with rebels, to make new placards for your action.

Using Flags

  • Please hold your flags upright and sure the flag poles are 6ft long. Anything shorter ends up in eyes and looks sh**


  • Run creative workshops to make materials for your action and build the community at the heart of your action. Workshops are great for engaging rebels and help teach the value of artworks, community and teamwork.

  • Aim for consistent, handmade quality in all you make and DIT (do it together) to galvanise your rebel community.

  • Use recycled and up-cycled materials and make things durable.

  • Block printing on rebels and the public is great for outreach and as a listening space. Nothing shows who we are more than the gift of breaking bread and talking face to face. If you do not have a local blocker group contact to find your nearest group.

  • 3D structures and artworks can make a great impact if used as a roadblock. Aim to make sculptures modular or in transportable pieces & weatherproof. They require a long lead time to make, budget and a logistics team to come full circle.

  • Treat objects like people. Handle with care and get them safely back to base.

  • Think about which chants and songs carry the message. Contact who are working on the UK songbook, chants and connecting musicians. Be mindful of your outward facing message. Consider inviting musicians or spoken word artists to help raise the energy.

  • If you are bringing music, drumming or samba to your action consider the vibe and feel, who your audience is and any potential soundclashes. Do you want to raise energy or keep peace? Drummers can unite and also be a great decoy action. Always cultivate nonviolence.

  • XR performance and dance groups have a valuable role in story-telling, outreach, movement building and de-escalation. Think about flow and choreography. A dance group can be powerful leading a march or blocking a road. Think human architecture.

  • Arts are at service to the movement, not a service centre. Invite artists into the creative process. Be mindful that making objects takes time and energy and some objects are artworks not products. Many artists and makers are volunteers, so make sure you plan for a regenerative process.


XR Arts - Groups & Campaigns database is an evolving list of XRUK contacts and links

Please contact if you want to connect on a project.