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Flyers tailored for Local Groups

This is a print ready A6 flyer which points to the UK website. This is a temporary flyer (created June 2023) for use at events/actions while the UK design team produces a full media pack.



You can download this flyer here as a professionally printable pdf

Tailor this flyer for your Local Group

If you would like to have this tailored for you then contact - you can request a change of logo on the front and also the contact details and the QR code on the back.

If you have design skills yourself then you can download in these formats

Opportunity : These flyers could help grow your group by pointing to your email list sign up form e.g. If you would like help learning about how this works there is some information here about how subscribers get on to the XR email list and advice on creating QR codes, short links and best practice for paper forms.