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Direct Support For Rebels

Local Group Support
This circle supports XR Local Groups, and develops the Rebel Toolkit

The Gardeners, who are part of Local Group Support, are a team of dedicated rebels who each work with LGs from their Nation or Region, supporting them with actions, recruitment and retention, training, and pretty much anything else they need! They also ensure Loca Groups are effectivley connected to their Region or Nation, and to XRUK.

This circle helps to bring people into the movement ... and keep them! It includes teams like:

  • Talks & Training
  • Rebellion Academy
  • Rebel Ringers

Facilitates and nurtures our relationships with movements outside of XR whose objectives overlap with ours, in order to increase collective pressure on the UK Government to meet XR’s Three Demands. These movements must be Nonviolent but may not use Direct Action.
Examples of organisations Relationships with with would be groups like Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Coal Action Network.

Feedback and Learning
Seeks feedback from rebels and groups to learn and improve, by running, analysing and publishing surveys.