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Ongoing and Time-specific Actions

Money Rebellion This exposes the economic systems that help to destroy life on earth and offer a path back to a regenerative economy. Its targets are organisations who support, develop or fund fossil fuels or other activities which damage the environment such as deforestation, flooding and pollution.

Digital Rebellion This takes action using social media, emailing or phoning campaigns to target specific organisations, eg fossil fuel companies or the financial institutions that finance fossil fuel extraction and use.

Political Lobbying Monitoring the activities of MPs, political parties, unions and Local Authorities, monitoring procedures and bills in Parliament.

Action and outreach campaign groups with an action strategy can generally use some extra hands e.g. Deepwater. These are promoted on Mattermost's Rebellion Broadcast channel and other social media.

Action planning, creative, production or wellbeing These groups plan and support specific actions and rebellions which need UK-wide involvement. Normally you would have some experience already through your local group since you will be in a position of trust. In some cases, your actual presence would be required on the spot eg to help build stages for an action, or act as a steward or provide wellbeing on a march.