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Sustaining and Growing the Movement

Regenerative Cultures
This is about creating a self-perpetuating system grown through community, ferocious love and genuine courage which sustains the understanding, exploration, development, training and sharing of regenerative practices.

UK Justice Steering Group (JSG)
This group strives to bring in and amplify the unheard and silenced voices of historically and currently marginalised groups and to advocate that the movement becomes, and remains, radically diverse, equal and accessible for all through transformative and restorative justice.

Self Organising Systems (SOS)
Provides governance by supporting teams on how to be self-organising, decentralised and non-hierarchical, by reference to the XR UK constitution and its principles of holacracy.
SOS will help a group/team/circle to write their mandate, which describes their purpose and accountabilities and by which they should abide. Roles within a group can also have a mandate, which then becomes a role description and some types of role must have one. SOS can also be asked to conduct a "health check" on a group and then give advice. There are many types of groups and they need to decide which one is most appropriate. Here are the types of groups and how they work (Link to be added).

Guardianship and Visioning (G&V)
This team helps rebels and groups to follow the XR UK vision, Principles & Values when acting on behalf of XRUK or taking part in any of its actions.