Changing your personal details

Guidance to update details yourself

The Hub (Forums/Cloud) - You can change your personal details in My Settings - see Updating your settings.

To be removed from the Hub, Forums, Cloud and Mattermost altogether, contact your regional Hub Admin, post on Hub Help Desk on Mattermost, or email

Mattermost - The best way to change your details on Mattermost, or be removed altogether, is to change them on the Hub (see above).

If you are not on the Hub, but have a Mattermost account, you can ask to be removed by sending a direct message to @xradmin, @xradmin2, or @xradmin3 via Mattermost. If you are not already a member, you will need to join the xrGlobal team first).
Or, more simply, email

Full data deletion requests

For full removal of your email address and other personal data, from ALL our services (The Hub, Forums, Cloud, Mattermost, Volunteer website, Rebel Toolkit, Rebellion Academy, CRM systems, The Vault and Action Network), contact

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