Library (UK Cloud)

What is it?

The Library is a shared read-only area for all Rebels on UK Cloud. You can view and download documents, images, and other files from the Library but you do not upload material direct to the Library.

The Library is being gradually replaced by this Rebel Toolkit, but there are a few types of document that cannot be stored on the Rebel Toolkit, so they can go in the Library, and linked to from the relevant Rebel Toolkit page(s).

The Library contains folders for all XR UK groups who want them. There are also some common folders that cut across Working, Local, Regional groups.


How to find files in the Library

You will find the Library on your homepage on UK Cloud:


In each folder in the Library there should be an About this text document containing details of what it contains.

Files will also be tagged and indexed and you can search for a file by tag.

Who looks after the Library?

Access to the library is controlled by the Digital Discussions Applications Team

How to set up a group folder in the Library

If your group has relatively static files that you want to share read-only with the entire movement then you need a folder in the Library on UK Cloud.

Everything in the Library is visible read-only to all Rebels with access to UK Cloud.

Groups can have a folder in the Library area which they can manage themselves - create any subfolders and files you want to share in there. The group library folder can either have full read-write access for all members of the group that owns it, or you might prefer to appoint a librarian(s) from the group to manage it on the group’s behalf.

To get a Library folder for your group simply request one by posting in the Library Reception on UK Forum - specify who will be managing it for the group (even if all members of your group have write access to it, it is a good idea to have one or two people who are mandated to curate it) and whether all members of the group will be able to create, update and delete files in there.

How do I add files to the Library?

Here is what the All Files home page looks like for a user who is a member of a local group (North Cornwall) which doesn't have its own Library shared area (it uses the Cornwall district one, covering all Cornwall Local Groups) and also of a Working Group (Operations Circle) which does have its own shared library folder: zyjimage5.png
This user can help manage the group's public library files (either she is a Librarian for the group, or all the group members can manage their public library files)

Many Groups will not actually need their own Library folder but can more usefully have their material published by a parent organisation. This would particularly apply to Local Working Groups who, if they are generating material of interest right across XRUK would be better served by having it posted in the National Working Group area.

This may also apply to Local Groups, who may be better using the Regional or District area in the Library rather than creating their own silo buried deep in an obscure corner of the Library.

Remember that the Library is intended for material of use to all XRUK members.

For files that are only of Local or Working Group interest then there is no need to use the Library - all members of the group will be able to use the group's private file area, and it is easy to share files (or even folders) with a few individuals outside the group by creating named share links to your private area.

What can I put in the Library?

You must NOT post anything in the Library which contains personal information (unless you have the express permission in electronic format from every individual identified for each specific publication). This includes names, email addresses, postcodes, phone numbers.

You must not use the Library to share non-XR documents (but you can share external links).

You must not use the Library to share potentially compromising details of action plans.

Be very careful when posting in your group's Library folder - only post material which your group has ownership of and responsibility for. Do NOT duplicate material that is elsewhere in the Library. If you wish to include files from another group in your Library area then save the URL of the target file in your Library folder - use the "Create Link" option on the [+] menu.

In general, for material that you want people to be able to view online without needing to edit, and that is not frequently changing (updates less than weekly) then it is preferred to save in PDF format. This allows easy online viewing on all devices without any special software and with a low overhead on the server.

Keep the master file in your group private file area and save a PDF copy to place in the Library.

For material that is rapidly changing, or that is a resource for others to download and use, then you may choose to save in office (docx, xlsx, pptx) or image (jpg, png) formats. In these cases it is recommended that you still keep a master version in your group private area and simply save a copy to the Library as and when it is updated.

If you wish to use other formats you can - but please be aware of accessibility issues. If you have files in a specialist format it may be more appropriate to keep them in your private file area and share links to the files from there with those who need or request access.

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