The XRUK Volunteer Agreement

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What the agreement is for

The XRUK Volunteer Agreement is an agreement which must be signed by people who have access to Personal Data. That includes all Hub Group Admins, and anyone else anywhere in XRUK who has access to any individual's data (like mailing lists, other lists of people, details of who is attending an action, etc.).

Personal data includes email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, or anything which could identify an individual. It does not matter whether the person is in XR or not, if you have access to their data, you should sign the agreement.

Signing the agreement

If you are on the Hub, and you haven't signed the current version of the Volunteer Agreement, the following icon will appear on your Hub Home screen:

Click the icon to go to the Volunteer Agreement on Action Network.

If you are not on the Hub, you can go there directly.

What happens if I have not signed

When you login to the Hub, if you are a Group Admin, or have other elevated permissions, you will see this screen:

You should sign the ageement as soon as possible.

The Hub checks who has signed the agreement every night - so, if you sign, the Hub will not know about it until the next day. If you have signed today, so the Hub does not know, please click "Continue to the Hub".

What if I can't use my regular email address on Action Network

If, for any reason, you are unable or unwilling to use Action Network to sign the agreement with your regular email address, then copy the Volunteer Agreement from Action Network, paste it into an email, add some text to say you agree to abide by it, and send it to the "GDPR & Security" Team at

Checking if others have signed the agreement

Everyone in your group who has access to personal data (e.g. newsletter distributors, fundraisers, recruiters, Rebel Ringers, etc.) must sign the Volunteer Agreement. Please encourage them to do so.

Group Admins

If you are a Group Admin of a Group on the Hub, the "All Members" button will show you which version of the Volunteer Agreement your members have signed (if any).

You should ask anyone in your group who has access to anyone's Personal Data to sign it. If there is anyone in your group who has signed an older version of the Volunteer Agreement, they should sign the current version as soon as possible.

Administrators of groups not on the Hub

Action Network Admins can view whether people on their Action Network list(s) have signed the Volunteer Agreement by following these instructions.

If you are looking after Volunteers in systems outside the Hub, please contact the "GDPR & Security" Team at the GDPR & Security Mattermost Reception channel or by email: They can arrange for you to have access to the Hub, with special permission to look up email addresses to see if they have signed.

When you login to the Hub, your Home page will include this icon:

Click to go to this screen:

Enter one or more email addresses, one on each line, and click Submit, to see this screen:

You see the email address or handle you entered, which version of the agreement they signed, when they signed it, and a tick under Ok if it is a current version. (The Volunteer Agreement may be updated from time to time, and, if the update is significant, people may need to sign the new version again.)

Updating the agreement

The Volunteer Agreement is jointly owned by the Pathway circle and the GDPR & Security circle.

GDPR & Security circle maintain the sections for Data Protection, Terms of Service, and Confidentiality. Rebel Pathway circle maintain the rest.

When we change this agreement in any significant way, there will be a new version in Action Network to sign. The new version will have a different flag on your record if you sign, and it will have a different date on the top of the page. Thus we know when people signed - and a record of what the form said at that time. This is for Data Protection record keeping.

Each circle will promote people to sign this form - and in that way encourage more rebels to know more about all the aspects here.

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