Rebels’ User Guide For Zoom

New Zoom account on a computer/laptop:

  • Visit the Zoom Web Page at: Zoom: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing
  • Enter your email address on the page and click on the orange Sign Up Free button
  • You will be shown your email address, click Confirm
  • You are then offered the opportunity to receive other resources (i.e. marketing) so choose whether you want to do that.
  • Check your email for a mail Please activate your Zoom account (check your spam box)
  • Click Activate Account
  • Enter your name and a password - Click OK
  • You are now set up with a zoom account! Follow steps below for Joining a Zoom Meeting.

New Zoom account on a tablet or phone (individual rebels)

  • Go to the Apple or Google store, then find and install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.
  • Open the Zoom app
  • Click on Sign up
  • Fill in your email, first name and last name and agree to the Terms of Service
  • Click on Next (it’s at the top right-hand side of the screen)
  • Check your email for a mail called Please activate your Zoom account (check your spam box)
  • Click Activate Account
  • You are now set up with a zoom account! Follow steps below for Joining a Zoom Meeting

Join Zoom meeting with link:

The person or group who is ‘hosting’ the meeting has sent you an invitation with a link that looks similar to this: You just have to click on that link and it should start Zoom and take you to the meeting.

Depending on how you log in to Zoom, you may be asked for a Meeting ID if the invitation link doesn’t take you straight to the meeting. In this case, the Meeting ID is the number at the end of the invitation link. So if you have been given then the meeting ID is 173-621-927.

💡 TIP: If you do not have a very good connection and the sound is breaking up, turning off your video may help.

Guidance and tips for participation:

  • We usually ask all participants to keep their microphones on Mute unless they are speaking. Our microphones pick up a lot of background noise and when everyone has the microphones unmuted, it can get really noisy. The facilitator might remind you to mute it if you’ve forgotten.
  • In most Zoom meetings, we use the normal hand signals you are used to in Extinction Rebellion. This is particularly important in Zoom calls because it can be very difficult to know who is speaking. So be sure to raise your finger first if you want to make a point. Jazz hands are often used to get temperature checks of the group.
Using Meeting Controls

Larger zoom meetings might make use of Meeting Controls to ask yes or no questions or for participants to raise their hands digitally (rather than using a finger as in our normal meetings).

To access the Meeting Controls, you will first have to go to the Participants view. Below the list of participants’ names, you will see the controls shown below, which are fairly self-explanatory. Please note that not all meeting facilitators are aware of these controls and they may not be monitoring them, so don’t use them unless directed to by the facilitator.

We wish you happy Zooming!!

This guidance will be continuously updated as rebels give us feedback on it. Please send your questions and ideas to

Privacy and Zoom

Please note Zoom is in no way affiliated with Extinction Rebellion and has relatively weak privacy and security protections in place.

When you sign up you are providing your personal data to a 3rd party which may use your information for marketing purposes or hand over information to the government when pressured.

Extinction Rebellion hosts its own more secure systems for Online Meetings with an Open Source solution using Jitsi. This is hosted using 100% renewable energy on a secure server hosted in Switzerland, unlike Zooms setup. If the information being shared is secret or you are uncomfortable handing over your information to a 3rd party please consider using XR’s installation of this here/ Zoom’s platform should be considered insecure.

For support using this system please contact